RPFdb is a public resource for hosting, analyzing and visualizing ribosome profiling (ribo-seq) data. The latest version, RPFdb v2.0, contains ribo-seq data from 2884 samples comprising 293 studies covering 29 different species, processed by a unified pipeline. There are two ways to query the database: by keywords of studies or by genes. The outputs are presented in three levels. 1) Study level: including meta information of studies and reprocessed data for gene expression of translated mRNAs; 2) Sample level: including global perspective of translated mRNA and a list of the most translated mRNA of each sample from a study; 3) Gene level: including normalized sequence counts of translated mRNA on different genomic location of a gene from multiple samples and studies. To explore the rich information provided by RPF, RPFdb also provides a genome browser to query and visualize context-specific translated mRNA. In addition to providing quantitative information and intuitive visualization-oriented information about gene translation, RPFdb v2.0 also provides annotation information about actively translated open reading frames(ORFs).

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